Deutsche Telekom’s in-flight connectivity solution is designed to meet your airline’s requirements while exceeding your passenger’s expectations. Easy log-on, access to the industry’s largest partner ecosystem, and solid customer insights help drive your Wi-Fi revenue across the entire passenger journey! We are one of the few telco providers in the in-flight connectivity business, with years of experience – important factors that help you grow your business.

Buckle up and discover the benefits we offer across various customer touchpoints – pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight.


We offer more than just Wi-Fi by simplifying monetization, streamlining operations, boosting revenue and improving your brand image. Our pre-flight services connect you to your passengers before they board the plane, and are easy to integrate into your booking channel. During the flight, your clients will enjoy simple log-in with exceptional connectivity. And post-flight, you can learn about their wishes and needs with our reporting and analyis solutions. Upgrade your passenger experience to an entirely new level! Click on the icons below to learn more.


Reach out and promote Wi-Fi in the air at the point of sale! Let your passengers purchase before their flight – in the comfort of their home or even on the go. We have a ready to install voucher system you can plug straight into your own booking flow. Of course, if you prefer to implement it yourself, we also offer a state-of-the-art API. Plus, you can increase customer loyalty with targeted marketing campaigns, for example with our discount code system with built-in success tracking. Don’t worry: if you prefer printed vouchers, we’ve got those too.

Smart service on the ground: Your passengers can purchase before boarding, making their flight more comfortable than ever before.


  • HIGHER TAKE RATE Drive usage and revenues by allowing your passengers to buy before flying – during ticket booking
  • INCREASE CUSTOMER LOYALTY Offer discounts to your most valued passengers; enhance marketing actions with incentives that attract customers
  • EASY INTEGRATION Our solutions seamlessly tie into yours – just link your booking process with our ready-made voucher system


In-flight connectivity represents an entirely new level of passenger comfort. The shorter the flight, the more important it is to get your passengers online quickly. We offer smart purchase flows designed to make log-on and payment as pain-free as possible. Deliver a superior Wi-Fi experience to your passengers via our app, or benefit from our SDK to create your own.

Telekom’s in-flight connectivity solution gives you automatic access to the industry’s largest partner ecosystem – immediately boosting take rates and average spend per session. Of course, we also support various payment options, ranging from Amazon Pay to Visa.

With our offering, passengers enjoy seamless connectivity. A single click connects them to in-flight Wi-Fi.


  • BEST EXPERIENCE, EASY LOG-ON Provide a “one-click”, easy log-on experience with immediate Wi-Fi connection – with our dedicated app or by creating your own with our SDK
  • ACCESS HUGE PARTNER SYSTEM Boost take rates by securing access to the market’s largest partner network; hundreds of millions of passengers can immediately use the service
  • SMART PRICING FOR MORE REVENUE Tailor your services to any business process with our pricing modules; offer discounts to stimulate Wi-Fi purchases on low-use routes


For airlines, connectivity revenue is about more than just selling Wi-Fi. With our solution, you receive actionable customer insights that drive take-up rates.

Our state-of-the-art reporting system provides all the information you need to make informed decisions to increase your customers’ satisfaction with connectivity.

Post-flight, our reporting and GDPR-compliant analysis enhance your business intelligence capabilities.


  • BE SMARTER WITH CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR INSIGHTS Our GDPR-compliant analysis provides insights about your customers' behavior and preferences, so you can tailor services or promotions to their individual needs.
  • DELIGHT PASSENGERS WITH EXCELLENT CUSTOMER CARE Your customer care agents will make passengers happy by responding to relevant data from our reporting tools – or simply by taking advantage of our years of experience with supporting in-flight customers


As a leading ISP, we understand the multiple building blocks that need to be in place to ensure success. There are a few obvious ones such as reaching customer touch points, personalizing the customer experience, having a large partner ecosystem, and ensuring competitive pricing. However, there are a myriad of hidden contributing factors. To name a few: customer data management, legal compliance, continuous feature development, tax logic, accounting and reporting.

In addition to our pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight solutions, we provide service excellence with a dedicated in-flight team. By offering platform scalability, we help optimize costs while driving revenue through easy log-on and our huge customer base.