FlyNet® App live on Austrian Airline Flights

Austrian Airlines becomes the second airline to introduce the FlyNet® App developed by Deutsche Telekom, after it was successfully launched with Lufthansa last June. The FlyNet® App was launched on all Wi-Fi-equipped Austrian Airlines-operated flights. Austrian Airlines is part of the Lufthansa Group, Europe’s largest airline network.

Thanks to the app, Austrian Airlines passengers can now easily access the FlyNet® on-board internet. With only three steps, they can get the fastest and most reliable internet connection via their mobile devices. All that’s needed is to download the app prior to the flight, register (optional), buy the desired Wi-Fi packages at any time before or during the flight and start secure and high-speed surfing once connectivity is available on the flight.

Onboard connectivity made easy
Account registration is convenient and can be done quickly via already known logins such as Google, Apple, Lufthansa Group’s frequent flyer program Miles and More and soon with the Group’s new Travel ID. Once registered and online, passengers have a number of unique tools at their disposal. They can store and redeem vouchers via the app as well as specify their preferred payment method. Customers who are Miles and More members can access the internet by redeeming their accumulated miles. 

The Austrian Airlines FlyNet® App offers the possibility to buy internet access already before boarding – a capability which was also developed by Deutsche Telekom. The Wi-Fi package will automatically be stored in the app and can be redeemed once in the air without the need for typing in a code.

The app also allows for complimentary access to the Austrian Airlnes FlyNet® portal that provides online shopping, current weather forecasts, tips about the destination, such as restaurants or tourist attractions, as well as information and services related to relevant connecting flights. 

Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice President at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, said: “Our app is the answer to the rather complicated process that travelers still face when trying to be connected in the air. It is easy to use for passengers and it works as well as the internet at home. It is also easy to implement for our airline customers because we can provide a straightforward integration into existing airline systems. As the launch of FlyNet with Austrian Airlines highlights, the service can be easily extended to further airlines due to its scalability within our network infrastructure.”